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The Author performing his street theatre piece musing on the relation between Australian fauna and self-drive package tourism titled 'Kicking against the Britz'.


to Sale via Bengworden

the circumference of a cyclist's thighs

Up at 5:30 to get going while the morning stillness lasts (ie. no wind) Out of caravan park by 8:00 but waste time in Coles not buying a proper lunch (apricot bars only). I know there will be no opportunity to buy food all day; setting up for a delerious afternoon arrival...

Stop around 12 at Perry Bridge church, sheltering out of the wind on the sunward side, eating my inadequate 'lunch'. Afterwards discover my german friends have caught up and stopped to fix a spoke back by the road.

Lots of magpies today but none made contact with my helmet. In fact there were lots of birds all over - struggling in the wind: galahs that could only make progress into the wind flying a foot or two off the ground and were blown backwards when they tried to navigate over a fence. Feathers snap. Raucous horrible cockatoos. Swallows everwhere.

Wind is as bad a Sunday's but probably not worse. 75km ride arriving Sale around 3:30 which makes for a long day. Can't get a riding rhythm in the gusty wind.

Potato cakes and dim sims on arrival in Sale. Why?