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Beautiful evening, some mobile reception. Full moon with Toyota.


Port Macquarie to Crowdy Bay National Park

a bike's not 2WD, right?

Messing about in Port doing little bits of shopping before hitting the road proper. I've run out of sports drink powder. Oh no! Must get some more.

Nothing memorable up to Laurieton. Break there for lunch opposite the local theatre (ie. cinema) then back on the road with the intention of stopping somewhere in Crowdy Bay N.P. or near it. At least a bit away from towns. Shopped for tea already, see.

Passed a couple of camping grounds - Dunbogan? Diamond Head? Have a good look around Kylies Walkin something something camping ground but decide to press on. Half an hour further down the dirt road with occasional corrugations meet a cyclist coming other way. We chat for a while - routes and conditions - and I decide I'm not where I thought and it's getting late so I turn around and ride back 20 minutes with Viola the German touring cyclist (doing Sydney to Brisbane). She continues on to Laurieton and I pitch camp in Kylies.