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Roadkill: wallaby. Me: crouched beside my mini-tripod hoping to not be hit by the passing cars.


to South West Rocks

retiree caravan caravan

Breakfast on the beach. Well, I say 'breakfast', but it was really only a banana and water. But then the supermarket opened and I did some shopping. The Englander the other day recommended Black and Gold muesli. $2 for a kilogram. He sounded keen. Not sure, myself...

My first tick! ADVENTURE! DANGER! EXCITEMENT! Did what I could to pull the bugger out, but it still isn't better 3 days later. Is this a bad sign? (email or SMS responses only, please)

Tail wind again. Tail winds make me feel strong. Head winds are wrong and shouldn't be allowed. They just spoil the fun.

Onto the disgusting Pacific Hwy for about 15km before turn off east for South West Rocks. Found a cafe/bakery. Drank tea. Ate muffin. Ruminated on the meaning of miserable weather. Decided it means "don't ride any more today". My tea leaves agree.

Passed two cyclists on recumbants this morning. I think they looked quite German. Probably were. Crazy Germans. Met an English guy yesterday who's been riding around Oz since sometime in 2000. Crazy Englanders.