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Roads up hills, roman style.


rest in Batemans Bay

the Beach Ideal

"I think it's about beer o'clock," he said to his girlfriend. Which is all very well, but by my watch it was only one in the afternoon. Hardly beer o'clock. Maybe a quarter to beer. Or quarter past. Depends if you're an optimist or a pessimist. The guy certainly sounded optimistic.

The photo is what I felt at the time to be an unimaginatively engineered road straight up the hill. Like the previous three hills I had just climbed. Doesn't look so bad in the photo. Maybe I just needed an excuse for a rest. Taking photos is good for that.

Which is not really Batemans Bay at all. Closer to Tura Beach. I didn't take photos in Batemans. And I didn't write any journal entry so it's kind of misleading to claim that this entry has anything at all to do with the 5.10 except that I think that's when I heard the guy say that thing about beer o'clock. Which was a new one on me. It's probably from the Simpsons, right? Or Cheers. That'd be right. That's humour for you. Quoting lines from a sitcom.