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The treacherous grades on the railtrail to Bairnsdale.


to Yarram

ad hoc post restante

Forgot to ask for post restante mail at Sale before I left in the morning. Nice idea (and thanks to those who sent).

I pass Malte and Harald as they rest their 'heavy legs' and they pass me as I eat lunch by the roadside. It's the only time that I've ridden 'with' someone on this 6 week tour, and I appreciate the company feeling like I'm not still alone.

Into the wind again but not nearly as much as yesterday and I push my average up to the fastest of the tour. Weather is deteriorating as I arrive in Yarram and pitch my tent just before the rain.

A bit later after waiting in the tent for the rain to ease I emerge to find two bikes parked outside a cabin; Malte and Harald haven't pitched tents tonight, so I invite myself to coffee and stay to watch TV and for spaghetti bolognaise, salad and apple pie for tea. Lots of. Too much, even.