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Paraglider above the cliffs south of Royal National Park.


Stockton to the Entrance

choose your own adventure

Riding to Melbourne is going forward. Brisbane would be backwards. Cool, huh.

Waited for the ferry to Newcastle for about an hour. Factor that in.

Washed my civvies and hung them on the fence but they're not dry when I leave so there they are flapping in the slipstream as I head out of Newcastle.

Are you in fact interested in my laundry news?

Flat run through Swansea. I didn't know there was a Swansea in NSW. Is there a Gower? or Oxwich? Is there a New South Welsh Dylan Thomas? Yes there is. Dylan Thompson according to John Clarke, I think.

The last bit into The Entrance. Arriving around 4pm at the touro information. Asking for camping options and am directed accordingly. But no unpowered sites. Four caravan parks and one and a half hours later I am sitting in McDonalds asking myself "what would a sensible person do?".