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Meeting the Mornington Peninsula chapter of the 'Bikes and Balloons for Mental Health' Society. Huzzah!


Dromana to Ascot Vale

home again home again zig-a-zig hah

At Moats Corner I join the Riders Around the Bay in a Day - at least some of the faster ones who'd started in St Kilda at 5am and already ridden via Geelong and Queenscliff and ferried to Sorrento. They moved quite quickly (up to 30km or so - too rich for me) though I tried for a while to match them.

Stopped somewhere at an official bay ride rest area. Chatted with an official who expressed interest in my bike. I quite enjoyed telling him that I'd come from Brisbane. Casually. Dontchewknow.

Another guy asked me 'have you been riding around with all that?', indicating the luggage. 'Yes,' I happily replied, only afterwards realizing that he'd done 150km that morning and was asking if I'd done the same. He knew nothing of the last 6 weeks of my tour. Poor fool.

Was carrying very little food which I ate at that stop. Looked for a sandwich bar (optimistically hoping for a Subway) but didn't stop 'til South Melbourne somewhere. In a little park. Knowing no better way, I braved the traffic through the city via Spencer St, continuing on major roads out to Ascot Vale.

There I rested.

Thanks for reading. Thanks to those who wrote and write. cheerio.