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Bikes in Cowes. Later that day it rained Cates and Doges but I wasn't there to see it.


to Cowes, Stony Point, Dromana

motorcycle San Remo

Many bikes on the road, really since Wednesday (today is Friday, Sunday is the motorcycle GP at Phillip Island). I stop in San Remo for lunch. Bikes, bikes, bikes.

Atrocious headwind - 10 km/h is all i can manage at times. Yet the wind is strangely warm, so not as loathsome and 'Victorian' as it has been. Not a long ride, but still a long day and tiring.

Arrive Cowes around 3pm. Ferry at 5:25, if it's not cancelled due to rough seas. Time for wandering, ice-cream, coffee and a couple of photos of my bike with the 'other' bikes on the island.

Japanese guys videoing each other feeding seagulls which hang bent-winged, strung like a nursery mobile in the onshore breeze.

I get a bit concerned by the increasing strength of the wind as ferry time approaches. Eventually the ferry approaches too, though it takes 5 minutes to dock (and not safely) in the rough sea. Very bumpy ride to Stony Point follows.

Welcoming party with balloons and streamers and things-that-make-noise waiting for me on the pier.

That's it, really. Except for the bay ride bit.

Lovely, lovely bath ends the day.