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Possibly the last 'roadkill' photograph (it's only an exhaust pipe). I think I've had enough. It's not even funny.


Crowdy Bay National Park to Forster

Alles wird sich ändern wann wir gross sind

Imagining a palmtop computer, CDMA modem, folding keyboard and digital camera... But not sending the tripod and analog stuff 'home' just yet.

On the road around 9 after 10 minutes on the beach and waiting for the tent to dry in the sun. Otherwise could be leaving earlier. Very quickly had enough of the dirt roads and barking dogs and swooping magpies. This is rural Australian cycling, I guess.

Foolishly didn't buy food (ie. lunch - have re-instated bourgois notions of 'mealtimes' because I like a big breakfast, big lunch and big tea now). Once onto the highway just want to keep riding. Flat-ish riding on mostly narrow shoulder. Sometimes too close to traffic for comfort.

Good to have a shower at the end of the ride (early afternoon). Finally got some lunch - big felafel kebab, and shopping for tea.