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Roadkill: wallaby. Eyes wide shut. (This is getting a bit gruesome.)


to Hat Head

this i remember

Short day. Just down the road in a circuitous sort of way. Breakfast on the beach after buying breakfast at SWR supermarket. Makes for a late start. But it is just a short day.

Firstly a ride to Trial Bay and a quick glance at the gaol. A bit disappointed about not staying out there last night because the camping ground was very quiet and sheltered and the showers looked ... nice and showery. And clean and stuff. Trial Bay Gaol camping ground has a good feel. Well, next time.

Flat, easy ride most of the way in to Hat Head. Quick call Dad to check where we stayed 20 years ago then checked into caravan park. Saw nothing I recognized. Bit disappointed about that.

Noodles+minestrone+tuna for tea. At with a trio driving from Cairns to Pt Lincoln via coast and Snowies. They've labelled me 'one of those' cyclist guys. Cool, huh.