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The longest trestle bridge in ... quite some time actually.


to Inverlock via Foster

cursing the wind, making no difference

In Foster after 12 and not sure about continuing, given the weather conditions - the wind again.

Rest and wander and coffee for an hour or more before getting back on the road. Then to Fish Creek, stopping for lunch in the shelter with the timber fish tabletops next to the playground. Remains windy and cold. Wrapped in fleece and raincoat. Lycra shorts are inadequate.

Arrive at Inverloch well after 5 hence no tourist info. Ask a guy eating a burger for directions to camping ground. Cross-check with lonely planet on the way out of town as I become nervous about the distance required. 1 or 2 km east of town centre. ok. Foreshore camping for $15, primitive facilities with hot water. Must be getting close to a big city (Melb) again.

Attend nearby Ripples (Riffles?) restaurant for dinner. Whatever.

Glad to be nearing the end of the tour.