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Ah, Victoria. Lakes and Wilderness? Welcome to Cold and Wet, more like.


to Orbost via Cape Conran

the philosophy of comfort

Magic bicycle touring afternoon via the 'lighthouse' (which is only a beacon and more like a streetlight than a gothic tower on a bleak, windswept coast) at Cape Conran.

Beautifully quite road (off the highway, for the cost of a few extra kilometers) to the Cape - almost no traffic, sunshine, coolish headwind. Or headbreeze.

Lunch sheltered from the wind on the rocks by the sea under the ... beacon. Then blown westwards by the wind along the coast with regular ocean views to Marlo, thence turning to follow the Snowy (once mighty) River up to Orbost.

Kate and Meg at Orbost caravan park; "We've got bourbon, diet coke and pain killers. We're in number 4. We don't bite."