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My Willie Nelson tribute.


through Tathra (pron. Tah-thra) to Tura Beach

The P-plater's Companion

"You just caused an accident," said the woman in the brown car, hands shaking as she wound down the window. The cyclist took offence and rode off, fuming quietly to himself.

Praise for The P-plater's Companion;

"A litany of badly composed and tasteless photos tied roughly together by a tenuous narrative thread which has something to do with bicycle touring. Deeply unimpressed."

— Julian Barnes

"An extraordinary fictive effort whose breadth and depth of high-brow literary competency and imaginativeness is matched by the writer's deft choice of words and ... stuff."

— Alain de Botton

"Aren't you the guy who wrote 'Flauberts Parrot'?"

— Martin Amis

"No, that's one of mine. Alain wrote the one about Proust."

— Julian Barnes

"I liked it. What's a P-plater?"

— Will Self