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Stretching the idea of roadkill. These are a mating pair of Australian native car wrecks in Limeburners Creek Nature Reserve. Possibly not their natural habitat.


Forster to Mungo Brush

Camelbak, eXtreme adventure cycling guy and a rocky road

The Myall lakes stink of rotten eggs. Rotten eggs or seaweed.

Messing around in the shops at Forster (again) before starting to travel. It's sometimes more like a shopping centre tour of the east coast. ADVENTURE! EXCITEMENT! BARGAINS!

In the habit of muesli for breakfast (on the beach, geography willing), pack up, banana or so before leaving camp, then stopping early somewhere at a bakery for something sweet. French vanilla slice, for example.

Good run to Bulweh store where I meet adventure touring guy who is riding from Sydney to Coffs on a mountain bike, with a 10kg backpack and little else. He's making good progress, except for the 3 days in Newcastle resting his sore arse... Listening to triplej all the way. Camelbak, charcoal filter in water bottle, surfer clothing and attitude.

Guy had a puncture that morning which slowed him down, but still recommends the dirt (ie. rock) road through the N.P. to Mungo Brush camp - says it's 'do-able'. So I 'did' it. Mostly at walking pace and very very carefully, and I got a wet foot (dammit!). But I got that wilderness feeling each time I rested. And that seems to make it worthwhile.

How about a commemorative tatoo? or piercing?

Must draw up comparative packing charts for adventure guy, Viola, Nigel and myself.