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Roadkill: 'Roo. Not as in 'Tigger and -' but rather as in -bar. A few metres off the road in ti-tree scrub.


to Coffs Harbour via Orara Way

banana publicans

... not the coast road. Up through the rolling hills behind Grafton.

Early start - on the road by 7am. Tail wind. Lovely. Iced chocolate at Nana Glen. Probably a bad idea. Milk drink on a hot day while exercising? Doesn't sound right. Didn't feel good. Don't do it again, okay?

Rolled past banana plantations in the hills around Coffs. Noodled around the CBD, picked up cinema programme before finding the tourist info. I tore the Melbourne to the Gold Coast pages out of the lonely planet guide so I wouldn't carry unnecessary bits. But there are references like "Coffs Harbour. See the Coffs Harbours entry in another section of this book (which you're not carrying because you thought you'd be clever and just take part of it)".

Went to the cinema. Saw 'Signs'. Unimpressed. Went to La Porchetta's. Ate fetucine bolognese. Unimpressed. Went to bed. Slept. Don't remember. Probably quite good.