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Roadkill: unidentified marsupial, northbound lane of a road next to a field of sugarcane.


to Evans Head


Hellish headwind. Southerly change hits just as I leave the Byron lighthouse (after a scenic and providential wrong turn). I ride into the Wall of Grey. Rain, hail follow. Eventually pull off the road to shelter from the falling chunks of ice. Driveway in middle of nowhere (or close to). Fortunately residents take pity on the soggy mammal shivering under gums and I sit out the worst of the storm on their veranda, sipping tea. Mmm.

Today I cast off the bourgois notions of 'meals' and 'mealtimes' in favour of the on-bike/off-bike philosophy; when I'm 'off-bike', I eat. It's that simple.

Each evening quickly pitch tent and re-create internal chaos that existed inside the tent before I packed that morning.